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Re: Volare front end swap

From: Dave Sankey
Remote Name:
Date: June 30, 2002
Time: 20:42:08


Absolutely Jamie. I'd really appreciate any input you have on how the whole thing goes together. Are you planning to cut your frame off the 59 at the firewall and fabricate a whole new frame to mount the front end to? Or is the stock frame close enough to just bolt the front end under? Are you going to keep your original driveline and fabricate motor mounts, or are you planning to drop a small block in on the Diplomat's mounts? I just started seeing ads for dropped spindles for the Volare/Diplomat/etc. front ends that'll give a 2 inch drop, so I guess you don't have to tweak the torsion bars so much to get a good stance nowadays. Should help the ride and handling... Please do keep me posted on your progress, whether on this site or through private e-mails. I'd love to see pictures of each step of the way as well as any progress reports you might feel like making from the disassemble of both cars to the fabrication to putting your motor in to putting the sheet metal back on the car.


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