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From: The Wanderer
Email: doo-wop forever
Remote Name:
Date: June 28, 2002
Time: 16:50:36


The best way to run these darn things is to put extension pipes on your exhaust tips and curl them around the sides of your completely bone-stock, racing-stickered up late model rice toy import,running them at an angle forwards up to the drivers window(like jesse james did the mustang on monster garage).But, now you curl the tips inwards to face the driver,keeping the tips about 8 inches from the face area and putting plugs 1 inch from the end of each tip.Now turn your propane valve or fuel regulator all the way up,rev that little sucker to redline,flick the switch and WWHHOOOSSHH!!!!!! You will see so many flames you will think YOU'RE IN HELL!!! GUARANTEED!!!!!


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