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Long Ram Inductions for sale on EBAY 3 weeks ago

From: Jim Barnett
Remote Name:
Date: June 27, 2002
Time: 11:28:52


Hey guys and ladies: there was a guy who was selling TWO long ram setups a few weeks ago on EBAY. The bid didn't come close to his reserve price on either setup. I made an offer prior to finding out his reserve to buy either one OR both sets that obviously insulted the guy (at least that was the tone of his email response - I DID NOT MEAN to DO THAT!! I based my offer on what the systems were selling for 10-12 years ago!!) As such, like an idiot, I deleted his email address. Do any of you fine folks happen to have the gentleman's name and email address?? I need to contact him to see if he sold the setups at Carlisle (SP??). I sincerely appreciate any and ALL help!! Jim


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