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Pile of 'iron flites' '61 Newport (?) grille Hy-fire air cleaner

From: alumcan
Remote Name:
Date: June 27, 2002
Time: 10:03:58


Down deep in the archived discussion forums, the topic of someone needing a ($) part to a iron flite was brought up. I made the mnention that I havce a pile of 'iron flites' that I wanted to trade. Since no extra Harley parts were available then, I said that I would take a token 'Ben Franklin' for the whole pile. Remark was made, 'that price was cheap', but distance between me and them was too great for economical shipping. Now, I NEED more room for my scrap aluminum pile, and I DO NOT want to scrap the transmissions! SO, I will 'sweeten the pot' FREE delevery to Sunday's MoPar Carlisle! (I have a couple of lousy pictures if someone wants to see this pile.) ALSO! make me a offer on a decent '61 Chrysler, I think it is a Newport Grille, and I have a NICE, red, tall, round, oil bath air cleaner that has 'Hy-fire V8' on it. Same way, COD, Sunday's Carlisle!


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