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"Son of Electroinjector" system from Bendix

From: Hank Dozier
Remote Name:
Date: June 27, 2002
Time: 07:26:19


The system that Bendix designed and then licensed to Bosch reappeared on late 1970s Cadillacs. Most specifically the 350 Olds equipped Seville model, but was then expanded to include the actual Cadillac big-blocks of 472 and 500 CID in the DeVilles and Eldorados. This was again an analog system, and intersestingly enough, Bendix had licensed the production of the fuel injector from Bosch for this. The last systems for California actually had a rudimentary microprocessor in them for the O2 loop. This system went out of production in the early 80s with the advent of the GM/AC-Delco Electronics DFI (a throttle body injection system). A variant was also used on the Cosworth Vega, and work with GM Buick division was the impetus for that V6's engine to use MPI rather than TBI on its products (although again Delco got the contract)


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