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From: Bob O.
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Date: June 26, 2002
Time: 18:48:55


Hank....Wow! Guess I got my answer! It really is a pity that Chrysler didn't persist. Apparently Bosch in Germany bought the license from Bendix in light of impending Federal emissions requirements. The first cars to have the system fitted were 1968 model VW 1600's, which otherwise had no hope of complying. I can only presume this is another example of an idea whose time had not yet come. I like the idea of the prototypes with their tubes.... imagine sitting there waiting for the tubes to warm up before you could start the car! One thing that wasn't clear in the book I read was whether the system then was reintroduced by domestic manufacturers.... it seemed to imply that the ECM system was a direct descendant of the Bendix system, maybe via Lucas Electric. But I may be imagining that.


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