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Re: SMS AUTO FABRICS...has anyone had "good" luck

From: Juri
Remote Name:
Date: June 26, 2002
Time: 07:30:38


They have been working like that for decades! I orderd materials about 12 years ago to my Desoto, Plymouth and Dodge. Desotos cloth ran out, second shipment was wrong material, I waited 3 months for the right stuff. Shipping buy UPS for 4 yarards of stuff cost more than goods. Plymouths an stuff was ok, Dodges was'nt but I forgave that. Ofcouse they charged before hand. Finally after long battle with phonecalls and faxes I got all the material here in Siberia + some extra that I did'nt need, They even gave some discount for that! In the end I was satisfied I thought thats what America is a like. Explanations were about same than to you guys. They finance their business with your (our) money, but I think, they really want get the material to you, when they get time to make it. Lets just hope that they dont run out of business.


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