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Re: Swapping a /6 in place of a L-head six

From: Savoy1959
Remote Name:
Date: June 26, 2002
Time: 01:46:59


Thanks Kenny J, Daven Anderson and Brian Cooper for your input. The reason I was asking about the /6 was that I have a line on one; early to mid 80's vintage, already rebuilt. I don't know too much about the flathead as far as add-on modifications go. The car will be a daily driver, hopefully, so I would like to add a/c and power steering? I do need to upgrade the brakes because of the stop and go driving. The flathead runs ok, no smoke or valvetrain noise, but I need to tweak the carb and timing to get it to run smooth; are there electronics for the distributor? Unless someone has already performance modified a "flattie", I have already seen letters on hi-perform. mods to a /6 to make it run with the BIG boys.


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