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Bendix Electrojector

From: Bob O.
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Date: June 25, 2002
Time: 22:29:55


After Brian De Francesco's interesting link to the hemi siren, and since things have gone a little quiet, I thought I'd tell y'all about an interesting (to me) discovery. Quite a while ago I read that a fuel injection system made by Bendix (the Electrojector) was put in some Plymouths (and maybe other Mopar products?) in 1957, but that it was apparently a failure and only lasted that year. Recently I have been reading a book by Colin Campbell called "The sports car: its design and performance" in which he mentions that this Bendix system was then licensed to Bosch in Germany and reappeared as the K-Jetronic injection system from 1967 until today in VW's and Porsches, and that another licensee was apparently Lucas Electric in the UK, and this system was used in many Jaguars and no doubt other British cars. So Mopar leads the way again, although it's a pity they didn't persist with this one. Anyone out there know any more history of the Bendix system in Mopars?


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