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SMS AUTO FABRICS...has anyone had "good" luck

From: ral
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Date: June 25, 2002
Time: 08:54:52


Has anybody out there had dealings with SMS AUTO FABRICS and actually received what they ordered? I have been waiting for 9 weeks for my material,or I should say the rest of my material. For some reason they charge your credit card they day you order something and then after months of stories of why they can't send it all I am starting to think I should have just re-done the inerior in leather!!! They did send a partial shipment of damaged goods and then stated thats all they have available,take it or do without,,(will send new when available) Hopefully the 'ol Imperial will someday see the road again,but it doesn't look like I will have an interior this summer!!!! They do manage to all tell the same story when you call them ,its at the mill,its being dyed,the headliner is being made,ect ect ect.. I wonder if its even legal for them to charge $2000 against my card and still not have the material yet? Guess I should have paid attention when everyone said their product is godd but the service STINKS!!!!!


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