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No, Kenny, the /6 did not change flanges in 1962, BUT.....

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: June 25, 2002
Time: 00:26:32


The /6 had the newer flange right from the get-go BUT I don't think the flathead's flange and bellhousing pattern match the slant six! Also since the fullsize cars' motor mounts all changed in 1960 with the change to unibody construction with a front subframe taking the place of the pre-60 full frame (V8 cars changed from round 'can' mounts to square 'biscuit' mounts) I don't think '60-61 /6 mounts would DIRECTLY put a /6 into a '57-59 car (although it seems like a good place to start modifying!) I wouldn't bother trying to swap a slant six into a '57-59, either rebuild the reliable flathead or swap in a V8 for equal or less trouble than it would take to put the /6 and trans. in there!


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