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Patterns of A and B engines different for early years too

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: June 25, 2002
Time: 00:05:26


ONE advantage in this case of the pre-'62 cast iron Torqueflites is that the bellhousings are separate bolt-on pieces,so you could reuse your cast-iron A-466 Torqueflite with a '58-61 B/RB engine if you swapped the bellhousing for the B pattern piece. If your 383 is '62-up,however,you need to use a '62-up trans,as the crank flanges on all A and B V8's changed in 1962 (so engines with pre-'62 cranks need to use pre-'62 transmissions and engines with '62-up cranks need to use '62-up transmissions). And yes,you can swap cranks such as '58-61 383 crank in a '62-'71 383 block (or vice versa),'62-91 318 crank into the '57-61 318 block (or vice versa) to match the transmission (pre-62 or 62-up) that you intend to use.


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