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Re: That's the way of the world, get used to it!

From: Bob O.
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Date: June 22, 2002
Time: 01:05:52


Hi Jim..... The good people are still going to look out for one another, but there will always be others out to make a buck. The one good side of this is that higher prices are likely to help preserve many restorable cars (look at those '57 Adventurer convertibles!!), the flip bad side is that it will be worth tearing rebuildable cars apart for the parts. But I am coming to believe that it is better to have a few outstanding examples of a model than numerous rusty junkers. I also agree that the example you gave sounds extreme, and I doubt if your acquaintance will get his $3600., but even at a reduced price whoever buys the wings will put them to good use, and we'll see a beautifully restored car one of these days. By the way, if I had charged all my friends for the work I've helped them with, they'd have demanded better, quicker workmanship and less surliness.... there would also be some warranty issues.


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