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Re: Another example (GM)

From: Joe Godec
Remote Name:
Date: June 21, 2002
Time: 11:37:02


Another MoPar example: in 1964, I traded my '60 Fury 2 dr h/t with the 383 Sono engine in for a '65 Sport Fury (426S & 4-speed), and sometime later when I had the '65 in the shop for something or other, the shop foreman told me that "Those old carbs and manifolds sure made a nice clang when they hit the bottom of the garbage can." Nobody wanted the car with the ram tubes so they put a single 4V on it. How many guys would like to pull that set-up out of the garbage can now? Same thing with the Vette's fuel injection -- just couldn't keep any of them running, so most were trashed unless on competition cars.


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