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That's the way of the world, get used to it!

From: Bob O.
Email: punch@proaxis
Remote Name:
Date: June 20, 2002
Time: 20:59:30


Jim.... That's just part of the evolution of events in the life of a car. What has driven the price of wings to that level is the Classicization (new word?) of these cars. Frankly that's the only thing that saves a car from the crusher, and it only happens to a select few styles and makes, as you know. The fact that you bought yours for what now seems a small price, is a tribute to your astuteness in being able to spot "class" or "beauty" or some other indefinable feature that made your car into a classic before other people started to see that same desirability . This has happened to me before, too: as others see your car as a classic, wealthier people drive the price up, and pretty soon spare parts follow, and the car gets too expensive for me to run. At that point it's time to cash out, take the profit, and do the same again. Which 70's or 80's cars will be future classics? It's been happening to a lot of wagons recently. Hey, even Pintos are going up in value! My hot tip is the Gremlin..... don't spread this around too much, but if you and I both start to fill up a couple of barns with Gremlins.......................


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