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Christine's TOP color....please advise!!

From: Jim Barnett
Remote Name:
Date: June 18, 2002
Time: 08:23:15


Could one of you fine people tell me the color the tops of the movie cars were painted?? The paint shop should start painting my Clone this week and it currently has an "eggshell white" top which is not as bright as Christine's appears to be in the movie. I think the movie cars were painted "Artic White" or "Iceberg White". I just want to be sure before the paint starts going on. Boyd, if you read this, I tried to email you about your car and got a Mail Demon error message that said your email address wasn't recognized. I really scrutinized the pictures and think your car is the CLOSEST to Christine that I have seen. The Toreador Red does look a little orangish, BUT so does the movie car, especially in the well lit daylight scenes. Please let me know what you guys think:o) THANKS AGAIN for the help!!! Jim


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