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Tranny swap help

From: Dave
Remote Name:
Date: June 17, 2002
Time: 16:31:38


So here's the story. The machine shop at my school has generously offered to make an adapter for me to the specs I give them (i'm an engineer-well, soon to be) to allow a four speed to attach to my current engine ('61 361). My issue is, not having a four speed manual on hand, what are the internals like? What is the real issue? I know the block should bolt to the bellhousing fine, but I know the internals for pre-62 engines don't match up with those that came after. What pieces do I need? Where can I find out about four-speed specs? Where can I find a four-speed for that matter? If I can get this to work, anyone else who wants one will have them made available to them. Sorry for the long post, but I don't know who else to ask... ~dave


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