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That "Strawberry Milkshake" DeSoto

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: June 12, 2002
Time: 08:16:17


Yeah Can....Guy has been trying to sell it for about 6 months. Issue is his price for the condition is "top" dollar" on his reserve. The car does not have power brakes or power steering from what I can see in the pictures, and the trim level looks like "Seville", which is bottom of the line. I would put the chrome trim and fabric detailing at s marginal "3" on the Krauss scale of judging. Decent driver, but I think maybe overpriced due the fact the guy is a broker. No loss for him, only upside if it sells. Do like the colors, and the steering wheel is clean/no cracks, but I wonder if original, cause the colors do not match the outside scheme, as is usual case. I think I like the true "La Femme" color scheme better (who can't love LILAC color). Guy gives a great history of the Hemi engine. No if he would only tell everyone what's in the car, NOT the FIREPOWER story. IT'S a 330CID(high deck Desoto) with 8.5:1 CR, Carter BBD 2-bbl engine,and 230 HP, for anyone who cares. NOT a Chrysler, not the same block, shares very little except philosophy and a timing chain for parts interchange, everyone. DeSoto made their own engines (so did DODGE). Sorry for the dump, but let's get ALL th facts if someone is intersted in this car (or a similar one)


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