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Re: Carlisle Christine class

From: alumcan
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Date: June 11, 2002
Time: 23:11:43


Jimmy, some time ago, you or someone else mentioned in the discussion forums about starting up a 'right coast' Christine club. You mentioned a web site address for all those interisted, to 'truck around' in. You have a lot of work involved in setting up that pictular web site, not to mention the work involved in the cars! I thought since our "Fearless Leader", Dave Stragand, his Christine, and with his 'pull' he could get a Christine class started up there at MoPar Carlisle. There is MORE interist now, 20 years later, than in '83 for these '58 Plymouth cars. Back then, parts and cars were easily obtainable. Back then there was only one guy, that I know of, Bernie Putanovich, got one of the wrecked cars from the movie and did a FANASTIC re-creation job. Now, the supply and demand has changed somewhat considerbly! Anyway, but still, there NEEDS to be a Christine Class at the Nats out in Columbus, Ohio, and at MoPar Carlisle! If it wasn't for the movie, none of this Forward Look stuff wouldn't be worth a P.O.P!


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