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Re: Christine memorabilia

From: alumcan
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Date: June 11, 2002
Time: 21:39:18


Boyd, I have just about everything you have, plus a little more. All I'm missing, is the cassette tape soundtrack, (I had one, but played it to death) key ring, the cast and crew jacket, the actual 16mm movie, and the Donald Grant edition of Christine. Plus I don't have EVERY foreign print of Christine. (I have several) I too have the movie trailer, it, and the actual movie are illegal to own in private hands. (Copyright infringment something or other) Do you have all THREE LP albums? There was a soundtrack CD, (NOT the score) that was told to me that there were only 50 some copys made. Weither it's true or not, I got it anyway. I don't have any written verification. Other than these music stores do not have a listing of it ever being made. That cast and crew jacket, (too small for me) you were talking about on E-bay, bidded up past $800! The Donald Grant editions, are bidding $600 to $1,200. IF you can find one! They only made a thousand copys. Those books are highly prized by rare book collectors! There was a copy that poped up on E-bay around the first of the year with a severly damaged dust jacket. I thought that finally, here is my chance to get a copy fairly cheap. $2-300 range (?) I've had a new dust jacket for some time now. That damaged book bidded up to $700! I'd imagine what the actual movie would bring if one copy got into private hands on E-bay! Those items that are that high in price, I'd like to have, but they're too rich for my blood. Especially when I don't have the car. All my collection is for trade, along with some '58 Fury stuff, (what everyone wants, bumpers/wings/350 stick motor/extra 350 intake/very used intrerior/extra linkage, and just a couple of extra air cleaner bottoms other than the air cleaners that are with the motor, plus some other stuff I can't remember right now)I'm trying trade it all to some lucky soul that trades me a decent '57-59 Chry/DeS Convt (only) parts car. Notice that word, 'parts car'. I'm just interisted in all of the convt components only. I keep trying to lay all of this stuff out so I can take pictures, but between trying to mow the grass every 4 days, and my two youngest daughters softball games and practices, I seem not to have time to wipe,,,,,well, you get the picture. Anybody wanna trade?


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