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Christine memorabilia

From: Boyd Crompton
Remote Name:
Date: June 11, 2002
Time: 16:17:00


Ok I have often wondered what other Christine fans have managed to collect over the years related to the film. I have a lot of stuff besides a clone of the car itself. Short list, All known music releases including the soundtrack album, and cd's, about 12 differant posters, a collection of original movie lobby photo's in color and b/w, an original movie trailer film, a Christine original press kit with photo's and cast and crew info, about a dozen of the bumper stickers, assorted magazines with articles on the movie, some die cast cars and a custom 1/18th scale Christine which was built from an Ertl Fury and Belvedere and a few other odds and ends. I did see an original Christine leather jacket on ebay once that was supposed to have been used by the crew on the set but I missed out on it. I would love to hear what some other people have collected.


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