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Re: Full Service Sheet Metal Fabrication

From: Hank Dozier
Remote Name:
Date: June 11, 2002
Time: 12:42:30


I agree that there area *LOT* of people looking for both your 300D/Fury/D500 - type air cleaners, as well as those looking for the Chrysler (and even rarer DeSoto) "batwing" units. You may be correct about the top-mount ovals, but the batwing plenum does not lend itself to a fiberglass copy. There are baffles and tubes in it, and by the timr this is done in glass, it will weigh much more than the metal part (which is NOT light). I am researching what these baffles and tubes look like in mine, and if I am successful, maybe can get drawings to make others by. I know there was a place that made fiberglass replicas of some of the Chevy batwings, but their quality was poor and they are now out-of-business. There is a company in So. Cal that has one-offs of Chevy batwings done in metal, but they are about 1700.00 each. I do not know if people want to spend that kind of money on a replica piece, even if it is accurate. There is also supposedly another place in No. Carolina that does some Chevy batwings in metal. As far as I can tell, NO ONE has ever done the Mopar pieces.


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