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Re: Old pait code #'s..

From: Jim Barnett
Remote Name:
Date: June 11, 2002
Time: 08:12:12


Alumcan: MANY THANKS for the information, but please don't trouble yourself on my behalf. I DO APPRECIATE how much all you Forward Look guys and ladies try to help, but in this case I don't want you to go to any unnecessary lengths to get a paint code for me. If your curiosity is arroused and you want the code for yourself or future use, great, However, I think I am going to have my car painted the beautiful red that Dodge uses on the newer Ram pickups. I really like that color and, coincidentally, I think it is called "Flame Red". I am going to do more research in it today, but I really like that bright red and think it would look great on my Christine:o) I'd be interested in your and everyone else's opinion on that paint!!! THANKS AGAIN...... Jim


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