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Re: vinyl top wax

From: alumcan
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Date: June 11, 2002
Time: 01:21:23


Al, right now, the awnser to your question, is Yes and NO. The buddy of mine who went to the Goodguy's/NSRA York, Pa Nats and talked to the Mothers people, got the name of their product, (which I can't remember right this minute) but they didn't have that product with them. Future shows they will load some on their show/vendor trailer, and my buddy will get me a bottle/can, whatever. I talked to Meguires, and they have two products especially forumlated for vinyl tops. One is a cleaner conditioner, that they are phasing out. It contains some silicon. That is the reason they are phasing that pictiular product out. Walk into a paint/body shop with a spray bottle labled with silicon, see what happens. Just a fine mist in the air will cause 'fish eyes' in new paint jobs. Meguires doesn't want that to happen. The 'new' stuff, just out on the market, is really for the black trim (flexible type of vinyl plastic) that is on so many vehicles today. There is some vinyl (?)in this soft 'plastic'. They said that one of their engineers uses this new formula on his '70's Chevelles orginal vinyl tops with some 'nice' results. Since I don't have the Mothers top wax yet, and I'm not at that point yet on this Hearse to super detail it, (I'm still cutting, (making dust), crosmembers to make a place for the left (dual) exhaust, installing a rear seat, but still able to 'haul' a casket etc. My plans are to divide this vinyl top off into three sections and see which product is/works the best. And since Hank Dozier asked me to 'post' my findings on this site so others with later years of cars with vinyl tops will know, what has become of my 'legwork'. You'll just will have to wait a little longer.


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