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Re: Old pait code #'s..

From: alumcan
Remote Name:
Date: June 11, 2002
Time: 00:28:55


I wasn't meaning to use a OM '58 Belvy Ditzler Red. (which probably isn't even close to the Christine Red) I was meaning since Ditzler had books/paint #'s back 'till whenever, and Dupont only went back to '85, you should be able to get an '83 GM paint # from a Ditzler store. There is a Ditzler store here, but it's on the other side of town, and they are doing heavy road construction, (building a bridge) and traffic there is murder. Probably by the time I have a need over in that area, and get there, someone else may find that '83 GM paint code. If not I will still try anyway.


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