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Re: Paint shop doesn't have 1983 Camaro "Royal Red" Please ad...

From: Jim Barnett
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Date: June 10, 2002
Time: 13:12:31


Russ is right about the OEM paint. I read on a website that the cars used in the movie were all painted with a GM paint which was reportedly 1983 Camaro "Royal Red". My paint shop could not find that paint referenced in any of their books since their books only went back to 1985. My son and I looked at the 1985 color chips and tentatively decided on "Flame Red". Since the car won't be painted for at least a week, the paint shop owner told me to do some research and make a final decision on the paint color to be used. I have heard that "Toreador Red" has too much of an orange tint to it. I have also heard that Porsche "Guards Red" looks great. That is why I am asking you guys, whom I consider "the" experts, about which paint to use. The "Flame Red" chip looked OK, but you can't really tell what the entire car would look like from one little chip (and it was overcast Saturday morning which the painter said also made the chip look darker than it would in bright sunlight). I just don't want to make a big and costly mistake here. When I watch the Christine DVD, she does appear to have a little orange tint to her, but she doesn't look as orangish as Boyd's '58 (the beautiful Texas Christine Clone that is shown on the 57-58 Plymouth Website). I am having my car painted in polyurethane and if THAT makes any difference, PLEASE let me know also. I TRUELY APPRECIATE ALL THE HELP, INFO, and ASSISTANCE you guys are giving me!!! I want to have a car to be proud of, but NOT A REAL SHOW CAR (I already got one of '69 HEMI SUPER BEE). I bought my '58 with the intention to drive her often, if not daily, and have fun with her and that's what I intend to do. Here in San Diego, we have several "Cruise Nights" where guys bring their rods/customs/restos and line the streets to show them off and have a good time socializing. I can't wait to take my '58 to one of those. I know that even with the terrible paint job she currently has, she STILL "freaks" people out when I take her anywhere. In fact, the guys at Jiffy Lube threw a fit over her as did most of the other customers who came in the 2 1/2 hours I was there (they had a devil of a time getting the oil cannister to seal:o). THANKS AGAIN you guys for your help!!!! I have only had my car for a little over two weeks, but I love her as Arnie loved Christine!!! Jim


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