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Re: need help flaming

Email: mljulien@iprimus
Remote Name:
Date: May 27, 2002
Time: 08:51:52


I build kits to do this however they are designed to run with carbies and no cats but i have set them up before on a car were the owner wanted larger than a big flame, it used my kit with a glass tank full of fuel witch was pumped when both the extra fuel switch was on and the flamethrower button was pressed ,this type of setup does not rquire the ignition to cut out and will even work with cats but cats will restrict the flow and create a shorter flame, this sort of setup could burn down your car if you dont take care setting it up you should also check all the lines and connections each time before use for leaks ,the fuel has to go in after the cats (if fitted )but foward enough for the fuel to vapourize before it reaches yor plugs witch should be mounted about 8 inches from the end of your tailpipe,the system works best if you have a small exhaust eg2" that is larger at the back of the car eg a 2ft long 3" diameter tailpipe. hey man you should just sell your toyota and buy some thing more suited to flamethrowers eg early 50s,slammed,chopped, frenched and still a 2 door like your toyota .while i dig the movie "the fast & the furious" i think it will just be another fad,is a 10 second car really a fast car if its on nos?anyway thats just my opinion if you want to set up a flamethrower kit i sell themm for $125 i also have instructions for the extra fuel setup ,maybe you could also set up lpg they do this alot in the states and the flames are huge it depends on your budget i guess ,for any info my email is


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