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'56 Plymouth Skirts on '56 Desoto - Will they fit???

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: May 20, 2002
Time: 17:07:24


Devon....Thanks for the vote of confidence, but what a challenge!!! I have looked at both my Mopar Parts Reference, and a Hollander Classic Interchange Guide. The results are NOT promising. The Plymouth and the DeSoto both use different fender lowers. This by itself, however, does NOT mean that a Plymouth skirt will not fit. It only means the fenders (not necessarily the wheelwell profile) are different. AND that DeSoto did not offer evidently a factory installed skirt (dealers did their own thing back then, as now). I recall I guy in Indiana put MERCURY (year unknown) skirts on his 56 DeSoto "lead sled". The result was both amazing and very integrated. IF you can cut a cardboard template of your wheelwell arch profile, I would match that up against the fender skirt, if you have access to it. Or profile the wheelell and give the dimensions to the gent with the skirts to check. From just looking at the wheelwell profiles, they do look similar, but you have to remember that there are some compound curves in those wheelwells, and that may cause an issue. If they are close, and you are pretty good with handwork, you could still make them fit. The result will be striking, given the result I saw on that Indiana Fireflite. Sorry I cannot be more definitive. Maybe someone else reading this can give a more accurate reply, especially on how to make a quick and accurate profile measurement to check against.


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