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Re: Vinyl top wax,,,,,,,,? Hank, will do,,,

From: alumca
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Date: April 22, 2002
Time: 09:40:17


when I find out something positive on what either Mothers or Meguires says. All I've fund out so far, there is a company that sells deatil stuff to shops, and they have a specific product forumlated that is a VINYL TOP WAX, and other products listed, but they also stated, 'that their products are only designed to last long enough to sell the car'. (few days) So I didn't get or want the name. As I said earlier, Meguires awnsered my E-mail request by stating to use a number such and such, ( I don't have the # in front of me) but I can not find it on any shelf with all of the other Meguires products displayed. Mothers usually has their big 'tent' display at Goodguys and the NSRA Nats. If any other FwdLkrs are going to either of those shows, please stop and and ask. Several people asking the same type question, might generate a responce of a product being remarketed.(?) Anyway, I've seen Meguires big set up at all of the Carlisle shows. As I said, I plan to only go to the Summer Carlisle Bike show and naturally, the MoPar show for this year. (not enough money now to go to all the shows. A certain dadburn chrome shop in the southern part of the state had my wing guards, that I want to trade, for over a year and didn't do them. Now I'm taking them along with some Harley stuff to another shop, show chrome is terribly expensive!) YES! I will gladly tell everyone in FwdLk land what I find out. Big Imperals and Chryslers also have vinyl tops!


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