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Re: Hot tanking

From: Bob O.
Date: April 21, 2002
Time: 14:56:05


Thanks again, Hank. That sounds like a good game plan. It's funny how regulations to stop processes like this happening (where the nasty stuff used to be handled by a small number of companies nationwide and generally disposed of responsibly) can end up with the effect of large numbers of people more than likely dumping those same nasty chemicals into their drains!! Somewhat similar to all the business in recent years relating to the refrigerant liquids in car AC systems.... I wonder how many people nationwide have just bled their AC's into the air because of the hassles associated with getting rid of the stuff legally. With that BAD OLD Freon, systems would leak, and we'd get it topped up and the leak fixed, and there was no black market in smuggled Freon, and no reason to bleed your system into the air, etc. Funny world. There's a local guy who charges something like $300. for the Freon to recharge your old system ("Expensive to get hold of that Freon"), but he also charges you $50. to "dispose" of your old Freon if you get him to replace it with the new stuff ("Expensive to get rid of that Freon"). Hmmm.


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