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Vinyl top wax,,,,,,,,? Thanks to all who responded!

From: alumcan
Date: April 20, 2002
Time: 23:22:49


To Bobby O., Eddie M., Victoria, Edward, and Juri, THANK YOU for you suggestions! Many different awnsers/suggestions. I'll try most on a junk vinyl topped car to check results, in case something goes afoul. I seem to have the 'mother of all vinyl tops' so I want to be sure. A buddy of mine has almost the same situation, he is going to the Street Rod Nats in Ky, and he will talk to the Mothers people, and see what they recommend. I will talk to Meguires at either the Carlisle Bike show, or the Carlisle MoPar show, see what they say to use. Maybe I could become 'mad scientist' and mix everything all together. That oughta create something. LOL Again, to everyone who responded, thank you.


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