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Re: Vinyl Top Wax?

From: alumcan
Date: April 11, 2002
Time: 23:26:55


Vick,,,oops, VICTORIA. Thank you for yer input. I'll take all the input, output, ANYkind of put, that I can get! Saddle soap? mmmmmm. I remember growing up and a neighbor had bought a brand splinter new '53 or '54 Packard Caribbian. In around '55'56 I remember him spendng all day saddle soaping, and taking a tooth brush with, (I can't spell it) linsfet oil on all the threads. Then he would buff everything off with several damp towels. All I know is, if you jumped in that car, you had better have the other door open, because you slid clear across the seat, and out the other side. You mentioned a fabric shop. Good idea. Never thought of that. I wonder if the 'stuff'(wax) they use on upholstry vinyl has UV protectent? Something to think about. It's worth asking. There is a place not far from me called, Fabric On A Roll, I'll run down tomorrow and ask. You haven't seen any that Turtle Wax vinyl top wax lately, have you?


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