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Re: Sonoramic 383?

From: Joe
Date: April 11, 2002
Time: 09:09:48


Anthony -- I don't know what kind of performance you are looking for, as the long rams were designed for mid-range boost. Back in the early '60s, I campaigned a Sono with Hedman Hedders & 4.10 gears. On the strip, it was the terror of the SS/A and later A/SA classes, but the Chevies with 4-speeds & 4.56 gears would out-wind it in the quarter. On the street, for the block or so of those races, it surprised even 409/409 Chevys and '64/'65 GTOs (unless the Goats were low geared). I have a 361 Sono now that is quite a crowd attraction once I pop the hood. If I were to use it strictly to drag at the strip, I'd stay away from the "long" (30") ram tubes.


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