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Re: Vinyl Top Wax?

From: alumcan
Date: April 10, 2002
Time: 23:08:16


So you say silicon eh? That's what is in Armor-ALL. I used a Turtle Wax brand vinyl top wax 'way back there' and liked it. The wax I liked best was a paste. You applied and removed just like the paint wax. Only, I can't remember the name of it! There 'hain't' none of the Turtle Wax brand of vinyl top wax around here. What's the name of it? Go to the parts store!? Like I said, those kids at the parts stores don't even know what a vinyl top is, let alone know what to put on it. Macguires says that they have a Convt top cleaner/wax. That is not the same material as a vinyl top. Most of the funeral homes I got in touch with, say that they just send the Hearses out to get them cleaned. None of the detail shops will tell me anything, other than 'bing it in.' One funeral home said that they always used a Mothers brand of top wax, but they were out, and like me, couldn't remember the name of it. Mothers web site doesn't have a listing for a vinyl top wax only. Basicly the same as Macguires, convt top, leather/vinyl cleaners/conditioners, it is inside, not out in the weather. I was hoping that some of you had a GOOD 'concoction' that you were using on your 1970's daily/show drivers. The top on this Hearse is NICE, SUPPLE, and I want to keep it that way. THANKS for the awnsers! Keep 'em comming. Sooner or later we're bound to hit on a winner!


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