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Re: Alum can : Where art thee? Rat cheer.

From: alumcan
Date: April 04, 2002
Time: 22:21:04


I'm rat cheer. Gettin' my Harley ready fer ridin' weather. Naw, insurance won't pay for a sex change operation. They told me to go out and do my own change. BOY, you are either brave or no 'brane sells' to suggest that I get a Jap bike! Last time someone rode a Jap bike down to the Harley bar, they picked it up and threw it in Decker's Creek. Anyway, no, not quite enough Convt parts to make my D Convt yet. I'm getting all kinds of offers/requests to buy just one or two peices of my Fury stuff. No complete trades, yet. Still wishing.


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