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Re: To the Webmaster or anyone else who cares:

From: ForwardLook Frank
Date: March 29, 2002
Time: 08:19:08


What in the heck happened here? I can't beleive we actually gotten to the point where we want to make someone LEAVE. What went down with this deal, can someone inform me? It angers me to see that we upset someone in the next generation of Forward Look fans (which is my generation AS WELL). If it weren't for a man with a '58 IMP convertible showing me kindness after a man with a '58 Dodge snapped at me and yelled cause I was standing 3 feet in front of his Dodge, I would have grown a dislike for forward look cars. I hope those who have offended Jessica will extend an apology. I extend an apology to Jessica that she even had to go through this. Come on folks we all share the love for the forward look cars, let's play nice together and enjoy them-Frank


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