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From: Kenny J.
Date: March 28, 2002
Time: 10:02:13

Comments Car Craft's editor, Matt King, thinks "Mopar Men" are like "Joe Dirt." I wondered how long the multi-make attitude of recent years would last at that magazine. It seems that most Mopar freaks I know are at least working or middle class, have at least some college and are clean cut (or at least clean.) I am never offended by what people say about my cars or my taste in vehicles (I own both Mopars and Chevys.) This is, however, the first time I can recall being directly attacked in print as a person for my preferences. I know "Joe Dirt" types. Human beings like the rest of us. Different priorities and perhaps culture. Most of the ones I know seem to drive older Chevrolet Camaros, pick up trucks of all makes and older full size luxury cars. I know of only one with a Mopar, a '70 Challenger with a transplanted 383 held in by a chain wrapped around the front cross member. For real. It was originally a 225/ three speed car. Maybe this is the one Mopar guy Mr. King met! I guess being Joe Dirt isn't too bad if people give you a '67 Hemi Coronet R/T rag top or sell you a '69 Daytona for less than $500! ;-)


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