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Re: Who shut down the engine? Survey time.

From: John Stone Sr.
Email: stoneman
Date: March 27, 2002
Time: 09:29:49


Aluminum can-man, there was not a lot of love out there, so I felt it was time to lay a bit low. There was no sense in continuing a point-less exchange. The world is full of different personalities and I ain't going to try and understand or cajole them. My name ain't Gebus that's for darn certain. I ain't too happy with my e-mail people either, but I think you got that there post. Sorry to hear that you lost yer plumbing, I 'm sure it hurts. Poor Herman, man he took a whammy trying to defend me and all. But, I'm glad we're all alive a post'n. I am sure glad your going to buy that pyseudo-58 New Yorker-300D. Now that is a good investment, maybe better than investing in Enron! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


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