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Re: Who shut down the engine? Survey time.

From: alumcan
Date: March 25, 2002
Time: 09:26:10


Whaddthink? Most are afraid to, after that girl 'lit' into you. I'd like to know what happened? After I posted, and made fun of she dousing yer Taco-Bell flames, and told her about that Philly upholstery shop. I had to go in the hospital (sex change) for a couple of days. Come back out and I found that there was another war. That is when I asked you to mail me, I wanted to find out. Let's start some kind of stupid survey or something? If you send a package by ship it is called CARgo. You send that same package by car, it is called a SHIPment. Why in the hell is there braile keys on the drive up ATM's,,,,,,,,?


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