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Re: "58 Imperial-the Brakes

From: Eddie M.
Email: Imperial57
Date: March 19, 2002
Time: 18:50:44


Just my subject! Especially these cars. Well John's grandson, you are in for some real fun!!!! Anyway you look at it, you will remember it for the rest of your life. You can go with the modern set-up, with the dual master cylinder, front disk brakes and all. You can even contact the good people who advertise on the front page of this web-site. Many people have done this with good results. It is a safer set-up than the original. It will be pricey and I hope that you are well versed in automotive braking systems. Because this is NOT for the novice! I say that, because your life and many others are in jeopardy if you don't do it right. And that goes also if you do an original restoration with the" Total Contact Brake System ". That is what your Grand father's car was designed with. I rebuilt my brake system doing it all original. And I replaced everything, including the lines. That was my choice. The prices on the original parts are not too bad, so it won't break your wallet. They stop alright. But I am quite used to driving these cars and I know what to expect and not to. You have to treat these machines with respect . The choice is up to you! Parts availability either way is good. It s all up to your wallet. If you are not sure how to rebuild a brake system, have a professional do it first! You can't put a price on your life! Good luck and safe driving!


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