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Re: Interior Specialists

From: alumcan
Date: March 19, 2002
Time: 16:45:43


What's a goin on out there? Anybody got any moonshine fer sale? Oh well. Back right after the Chrstine movie, '83, the dude that has ABC Auto Upholstry over there around Philadelphia, Pa. showed me samples of each year of the Fury cloth, upholstry he had. Only he had sold out of the '58 Fury cloth. (9 yards per car) If he got enough orders he would start reproducing it. Never did. I remember him telling me that he knew how to 'inject foam' to make the '58 Fury armrests. I don't know if he still has any of the '56-7-9 Fury cloth left, or weither he will even touch a MoPar now. He is BIG in mid fifties Ford's. He is at Ford's Carlisle. If I had his number I woud post it, and let someone check and see what he still has, and will do. My 'to sents'


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