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Re: Jeep Problems

From: Pete
Date: March 13, 2002
Time: 02:17:30


these in line sixes are known for oil blow by into to the air cleaner. There is a solution at your local jeep dealer. I picked up 2 new valve cover grommets. Than I went to my local import (crap) supplier and I picked up 2 aftermarket air breathers.( they are little filters that look like a K&N air filter only about 2 inches in size) Than I went to my local hardware store and picked up 2 Pipe thread blockouts or caps what ever you want to call them. It all cost me about $65.00 bucks. What you do is remuve the vacume tubes that go from the front of the valve cover to the air intake tube and plug the intake tube side with a cap. On the valve cover you replace the gromet with a new one and install that little breather on the old hose fitting. Do the same for the rear gromet on the valve cover and plug the hole in the intake anifold with the threaded pipe plugs or caps,make sure you use brass or some type of fire proof material since the intake gets really hot. If you have Questions email me and I can explain it better for you. I have ran my engine for about 90,000 mi like this and it still runs like the first day I bought it.


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