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Cylinder head experiment.

From: Eddie M.
Email: Imperial57
Date: March 11, 2002
Time: 16:23:53


I noted a quite a few threads down there was a mention about leaded gas. I just wanted to say that I conducted an independent test on the effects of a lead deprived engine. The engine was a poly 318/rebuilt. One cylinder head had hardened exhaust valve seats the other did not. The valve seats all had a three angle valve job to boot. After running the engine over 10,000 miles, I tore off the heads and did my inspection. The answer was that the side without the hardened exhaust seats suffered from significant valve recession. This also was with the benefit of 93 Octane gasoline of various manufacturers. When I reported my results. I was thanked and that was it! So do not believe when Uncle Sam, Motor trend, etc.. tells you that your old cars never really needed the lead. And that it was just a cheap way to boost octane... Because it is a lie!!!!. If any of you rebuild your engines, put in the hardened valve seats! You'll be happy in the long run with a reliable/smooth running engine.


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