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Re: Help Fast!

From: Michael
Email: MorrisFURY1958@AOL.COM
Date: March 09, 2002
Time: 20:33:15


Hi Victoria, There were 5 different radio model #s used between 1957 and 58. The 850,848 and 917 search tune (has the phono jack for the Hiway Hifi) were used in 1957 for sure. These 3 are in the 57 Plymouth service manual. In the 57-58 ply service manual 2 more radios are listed the 854 and 925 also a search tune (w/o phono jack, no Hiway HiFI in 58) plus the other 3 listed. The face plates on these radios are practically the same, so once installed in the dash nobody would know the difference. The 2 search tune radios have 2 extra buttons for the seek and search functions though. So yes that radio on ebay a model#848 would work fine in your 58 savoy.


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