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Re: Retro-cars

From: Eddie M.
Email: Imperial57
Date: March 05, 2002
Time: 08:56:15


Thanks for the input Sid and Knight. You both have great commentaries. Sid, I'm glad your car is still kicking butt out there, with all the miles on her. The quality controls I was mentioning, is the Rust-out and the water leaks and the outer door handles breaking( you 1957-59 Imperial and Chrysler owners know about that) etc. 1960 quality improved a lot! I would never-ever say that these cars are not stylish or well engineered cars. If they weren't I would never own them. I always feel crumie when I see one in the older junk yards, crushed up, thinking, now if I had a bunch of money and land? As far as the lawsuits, yeah you are right. We have to save people from themselves. But that is another subject I dare not to venture. But I still would love to see a brand new line, with improvements internally. Too bad its not the 50's anymore! Maybe if E=MC2 it can happen. Good Day and Great riding!


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