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Re: Retro-cars

From: Knight
Date: March 04, 2002
Time: 22:02:03


Yes, the newer cars and trucks are not the same as our F-Look cars. They simply cannot be. The 50's & 60's cars are dinosaurs and should never be built again. We have to worry about all sorts of GOVERNMENT regs that were never invented before the trial lawyer & tree hugger. So how are we gonna build a modern F-Look car when we cant have fins (too pointy, someone may fall on them), no metal or chrome trim on the dash (impact hazards for the boneheads that don't wear seat belts), and ever stringent impact requirements that will require side curtain air bags. Also roof crush regs (no more thin swept back c-pillars) and make it all get 35 MPG and send air out the tailpipe that is cleaner than what is sucked into the air cleaner. I still like my 57 Dodge CRL, but I for on am glad that "they don't build'em like they used to". It would ruin some of the fun if finmobiles were as prevalent as PT-Cruizers or Beetles.


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