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Re: 56 Desoto inquiry...Hank D.?

From: Hank Dozier
Date: March 04, 2002
Time: 17:49:26


Devon. That's a Chrysler manifold. Easy to tell since the carb pattern is larger rectangular, and there is no water outlet. This will not fit a DeSoto. There is a guy ( Powerplay site that has an actual Fireflite 330 4bbl manifold for sale. Wants $300.00 I think. You could possibly find another cheaper, but less than 10% of the build total for 56 and 57 were Fireflites, and some of them were the Adventurer 2x4bbls, so let's call the 4bbl population about 9% of build. I also think we should talk regarding T-Flites into 56 DeSotos, as I am working on that, and have found some interesting information. Good luck with your hot Firedome.


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