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Re: Leaded gasoline

From: alumcan
Date: February 28, 2002
Time: 21:44:09


Mr. Stoneman, ahh, we meet agin. We're gonna have to stop doin' this. People might start thinking funny things. Mr Dozier is 359% RIGHT! Get the REAL TEH on yer skin, it'll make yer 'yazoo' fall off! That is one reason it will not be shipped eastward, from point of manifacture. There is a Marine company that I have been getting my 'lead subiutute' from, called West Marine. I guess that I'm on their perfered mailing list. becuse I got their big (2" thick!) catalog the other day. I have been using their lead stuff, "VALVE-TECH" since the middle '70's. I always got it in a 5 gal buckets, untill this last time. They will not ship to my home address because with the volitably. They would however ship it to the nearest store outlet to me, which is up there in Pittsburgh Pa. About a hour north of me. Then they sent two cases of the 16oz. plastic bottles. If there is a West Marine close to you you can pick it up there. Diz this hep?


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