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Re: 2 more stupid questions I have

From: dennis
Date: February 26, 2002
Time: 13:21:55


Hi Eddie, Thanks again for responding to one of my posts ! The noise I've been hearing is after the engine has been run for a time. I don't think it's the heater core, since I put my head under the dash and listened for the sound and it was coming from "under" the floorboard, it seemed. My water level seems fine as well, so I'm satisfied that it wouldn't be the heatercore or engine noises. It's really strange to me that the noise started exactly at the same time as the trans began giving me problems. Is it possible that the torque converter could be draining out or back into the trans ? Also, I know that '61 was the last year for the cast iron TF, but what could I swap it with? Possibly a '62-64 unit (one that still accepts a shifter cable) I'm at wits end, which isn't a long trip. Ha ha ha Thank you again for your help. -Dennis


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