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2 more stupid questions I have

From: Dennis
Date: February 25, 2002
Time: 14:13:11


Here's 2 more stupid questions I need to have answered, if someone can help. My 1961 cast iron torqueflite is the subject (yes, again). I pulled the pan off of the trans with the hopes that the valve body was bad and, either the bolts were loose, or a seal was bad. Unfortunately, the valve body wasn't the problem. When I went to mounth the valve body back up (trans still in the car), something fell out of the casing. I looked, and it was the shift cable adapter. Now, here's where it gets wierd. The cable adapter was still on the cable ! It was obviously replaced when the trans was last assembled after the original became lost ! Yes, the one I "found" was just spinning around freely in the trans case. 1) Well, now that I've put the trans back together my question(s) is this. The shop manual insists on adding 22 pints (11 quarts) of trans fluid to a rebuild, but is this still true since I haven't taken the torque converter off, only the pan ? I always thought that the torque converter would retain it's capactity when the pan was dropped. So, now I'm gun shy about adding a full 11 quarts of trans fluid. What should I do here ? 2) Now, my next question is before my trans began having its mysterious problems, I began to hear mysterious drain down sounds coming from the cowl area of the interior, right where the torque converter is. I know it's not normal, but was wondering what would cause this ? It was a very obvious perculating type noise along with a draining type noise like water going down a drain (only slower). I have NEVER heard this type of sound before on any car. I know it's not the heater core nor the engine oil draining down. Any thoughts would be VERY helpful. It has never done this before until the trans problems came to be. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you and have a great day. :) -Dennis


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